Who is it for?

  • For all businesses, industrial or commercial, of any size, with receivables due from reliable debtors, with payment terms of a maximum of 180 days;
  • For SMEs that do not have an adequate internal structure for the administrative management of their receivables.


Factoring “Pro Solvendo” means the assignment to SG Factoring of trade receivables from debtors to simplify the management of the customer portfolio of businesses.

Through the factoring business, they eliminate the fixed cost of customer portfolio management, replacing them with the payment of a commission proportionate to the amount of receivables assigned. This will improve the efficiency of receivable management and you will also benefit from a significant reduction in average collection times.

SG Factoring deals with the issue of the means of payment, the management of the receivables assigned and any requests for payment in the event of delay.


On Client request, SG Factoring is able to advance the amount of receivables assigned for a percentage to be agreed, allowing it to improve the cash balance of the company but without diminishing its ability to draw credit from the banking system.


In operations “Pro Solvendo”, the seller guarantees the solvency of debtors and gives an undertaking that the receivables assigned are certain, liquid and payable.

If the debtors do not provide for payment of the receivables, the seller must return to SG Factoring any sums advanced by way of consideration for the receivables assigned, in addition to the payment of agreed interest, fees and commissions.