Standard Factoring

Factoring, our strength

We offer customised solutions to all businesses, thanks to a range of three essential services: management, financing and guarantee against the risk of default of commercial receivables.

We manage your trade receivables:

  • Improve the effectiveness of debt collection;
  • Reduce the time of payment of the receivables assigned;
  • Limit the administrative costs of receivable management;
  • Transform fixed costs into variable costs of management and debt recovery.

We advance-finance your trade receivables to:

  • Improve your corporate liquidity without diminishing your ability to use the banking system;
  • Allow savings on the use of your equity, while preserving the borrowing capacity of the company;
  • Allowing a deconsolidation of the receivables sold, in order to improve the structure of the company balance sheet.

We guarantee your trade receivables against the risk of default:

  • We assess the risk on the commercial receivable in respect of the debtors;
  • We ensure the payment of receivables;
  • We protect your profitability.