Special Factoring

SG Factoring has developed a range of products tailored to companies who want to keep internal management of the commercial and administrative relationship with their customers (billing system, information technology, accounting …). There are two different modes of Special factoring:

Pro Soluto IAS 39

Our factoring contract “Pro Soluto”, which adopts the accounting rules “IAS 39”, is targeted at companies of high standing, listed companies and multinational corporations. Through this type of contract, SG Factoring arranges to purchase 100% of the receivables that the assignor company proposes to sell.  

Not notified

SG Factoring finances in this case the cash requirements of the business and can also offer it a guarantee against the risk of default of debtors. The factoring agreement “Not Notified” does not provide for notification of the assignment of receivable to debtors. Essentially designed for companies of high standing, the factoring contract “Not Notified” allows companies to keep internal management of the relationship with their clients and direct control of the receivables assigned.