What is it?

“Maturity” is a factoring service that allows the company to plan cash flows and to optimise its cash management. On the nominal maturity of the receivables assigned, SG Factoring credits the supplier/assignor with 100% of the value of the receivables assigned. When requested, the supplier/assignor may also receive an advance of the amount of receivables assigned before their normal maturity.

Who is it for?

This solution is designed for all companies that want, without cumbersome procedures, to have an extension of the payment terms agreed with their suppliers. Through “Maturity,” the supplier/assignor can grant its customers/debtors a further deferral of the payment conditions but without having to bear the financial costs.

What are the advantages of this solution?

“Maturity” has many advantages, both for the assignor and for the debtor.

For the assignor:

  • being sure of having regular cash flows which therefore allow better planning of the cash requirements;
  • a major financial support for the sales network, through the grant of longer payment times to the customers;
  • a significant boost to sales, thanks to the financial accommodation available to the customers by means of SG Factoring.

For the debtor:

  • Optimisation of operations that makes it possible to facilitate the procedures of assignment and recognition of receivables, simplify the procedures for verification of invoices assigned and schedule payments, encouraging the flows on common banks;
  • The ability to negotiate and extend the payment terms on purchases, offering suppliers the opportunity to access credit on competitive terms and with characteristics tailored to their real cash requirements;
  • The simplification of administrative procedures related to accounts payable;
  • Longer payment times that improve the company’s liquidity and stimulate purchases;
  • Additional and more flexible financial resources;
  • Competitive costs.